She sacrificed herself to save the friends


- Você não tem poder sobre mim. -Minos riu. - Eu sou o Senhor dos Espíritos! O rei fantasma!

- Não. -Nico puxou a espada. - Eu sou.


it’s clear that im procrastinating when i take the nico sketch i drew for firelord leo and color it….

nope.. what exam tomorow? i can’t hear you over nicos awesomely green and black tie.. i want a tie like that i swear.


I did these a while ago on /co/ while anon and keep forgetting to post them, so here you go!


apparently this song makes it like 10 times worse, why the hell did I think it was a good idea to play it? fuckmylifenow

Anyway, Silena and Charlie for their shipping week. ;__;


Never underestimate the power of a woman

We were rewarded today with getting #PercyJackson to trend on Twitter! We get to see Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) in a Wedding Dress, storyboard and a picture! This made my day to see this! With only three weeks left, how excited are you now?


art | second drawing colored by her

"Você baba enquanto dorme" - O Ladrão de Raios

"- É disso que eu mais gosto em vocês - disse Simon - Sempre fazem com que eu me sinta muito bem-vindo" - Cidade das Cinzas
"Juntos? - ele disse
Juntos" - Jogos Vorazes

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